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Our Mission

We at We Pickle believe that playing pickleball can bring positivity into our communities, especially when our focus is having fun, connecting with others, and sharing our time and resources.  Our mission, simply, is to facilitate this positivity through play—meeting new people, teaching others the game, and providing resources to those who need them.

PIckleball for All

Building Community Through Play

Wherever, Whenever, With Whomever


  • Contribute to building positivity in the greater pickelball community.

  • Introduce pickleball to others, especially children, seniors, and those in underserved communities. 

  • Support communities by finding resources—spaces, equipment, and instruction—to spread the pickleball joy.

  • Maintain a supportive presence with other pickleball organizations.



We Pickle LTD is dedicated to achieving the following educational goals within the community:

  1. promote empathy, tolerance, and understanding between individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and locations by focusing on learning how to pickle nicely with one another.

  2. bring a diverse group of people together to share in the joy of playing pickleball.

  3. bring a diverse group of pickleball instructors together to improve curricular designs and instructional strategies and to promote best practices in the teaching of pickleball.


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