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Our Story

A few years ago, Paul, a longtime tennis player and teaching pro, picked up a pickleball racquet, hopped on a court, and found new joy in sports.  At a friendlier pace and on smaller court than tennis, Paul was hooked.  The ease with which newbies caught on to the game, the social nature facilitated by exciting rallies, and the overall positive energy of the pickleball culture magnetized Paul and had him playing pickleball nearly every day.

Realizing that he might be able to spread the pickleball joy, he introduced the game to his family in Minnesota, drawing up a makeshift court in his driveway, hosting pickleball-focused famiy gatherings, and generating loads of fun.  Paul also has made his way around local pickleball venues, meeting new people and finding a flood of positivity, camaraderie, and sportsmanship in the greater pickleball community.

Realizing the potential pickleball has to generate good feelings in a community, Paul has assembled a small team of supporters with whom he has established We Pickle, a non-profit educational and charitable organization.  He and his team hope to connect you with us, with pickleball, and with the positive things a sport/activity can do for our communities.


Paul and We Pickle believe that our organization can give us the ability to work with already established pickleball communities--as well as open up a conversation on how we might be able to support other communities interested in pickleball by providing spaces, equipment, and instruction so that the joy of pickleball becomes something for all.


The People of We Pickle

Founder and President: Paul Murray
Board of Directors: Lou Trajano, Malia Bennett, Dominic Trajano, Pat Murray

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